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Programs & Camps

• Wilderness Experience Camp @ Kargus Lake Retreat Aug 18-24, 2024
• Outdoor Pursuits Program Continuous Intake
• Project Lost Camp @ Marble Lake Lodge TBD
• Wilderness Voyageur Canoe (Available on request)
• Backcountry Backpacking Trip (Available on request)
• Primitive Living Survival Adventure (Available on request)
• 9-day Wilderness Program (Available on request)
• Winter Camping and Dogsledding Expedition (Available on request)

Outdoor Pursuits Program

1 - 2 years part-time (older teens to young adults) = Continuous Intake (semesters winter, spring, summer, and fall).


Project LOST YOUTH SURVIVAL Inc. 9-day Kargus Wilderness

*Open to 11 - 17 year olds, co-ed; parents, agencies, schools can register teens for this program. Please contact WSC for an application form(s).

Goals & Objectives

Send your teenage son/daughter to a unique Youth at Risk, Drug Prevention, Intervention camp program……through very challenging nature-based activities, they will become re-attached to nature, build confidence and self-esteem, accumulate hands-on skills, learn how to lead, experience team-building….and learn how to survive in the wilds, so they may have a better chance to survive in this wild civilized world!

Participants will live for 3 days in a pioneer, off the grid rustic wilderness cabin, participating in all daily chores. During these first days, they will train in wilderness and survival skills, and prepare for a 3-day backcountry backpacking trip, a 2-day primitive survival experience, and a final vision-quest simulation.


Orientation Meeting/Package:

Participants will attend a pre-camp orientation session, where the goals & objectives and itinerary of the program will be discussed in detail. At the orientation, campers will receive a program handout package containing all trip logistics eg. Gear/clothing/footwear, where to meet, transportation etc., medical waiver forms, and the survival skills manual. In addition, the important activity of keeping a daily journal will be highlighted.


Arrive at the Kargus Lake Wilderness Retreat, settle in to cabin(s), opening circle and orientation re– 2 days learning survival skills and living the pioneer off-the grid lifestyle. During this phase, campers will practice wilderness survival skills, map & compass/GPS navigation, nature lore, pioneer cabin skills, and participate in team challenge events. Each day, campers will go hiking and swimming at First Kargus Lake.


Participants will attend a backpacking-101 workshop, preparing them for the 2-day backpacking trip to Kargus Mountain and beyond into the backcountry! Campers will carry their own expedition gear, set up a camp with tents and tarps each night, and learn how to cook their meals over a campstove and open fire. The group will navigate using topographical maps, compass, and global positioning system. In addition, they will learn how to navigate using the sun-dial and watch methods utilized by peoples of the past.

Each evening, a campfire circle will give participants an opportunity to explore their life goals and aspirations, and to reveal where they fit into this wild world we all live in!


Campers will spend the next 3 days surviving in a remote location near Second Kargus Lake, without tents, sleeping bags, and with limited food rations (flour, soup, granola). Working in teams, they will construct primitive a-frame and lean-to shelters, build fire with flint and steel and by firebow methods (friction), gather edible wild foods, and construct primitive tools (birchbark baskets, spruce root ropes, pine sap glue sticks, figure-4 traps). The evening campfire will allow campers the opportunity to reflect on the struggles of the peoples of the past eg. Pioneers, Voyageurs, Native Peoples, Early Explorers, versus our present day high-tech lifestyle!


Campers will hike to their solo vision-quest survival site, where they will survive the last nights in solitude…….trying to make sense of the world we live in, and what it takes to compete and succeed in it!!!!!

Post-program certificates, follow up, other programs discussed at follow up meeting, slideshow of camp.


Please complete this registration application form, and fax or mail back, complete with deposit fees, to:

WSC Survival School Inc./Camps 112 Courtland Avenue East, Kitchener ONTARIO N2G-2V1 or 519-570-2021 fax or david@wscsurvivalschool.com

The Wilderness Experience Camp is held at the scenic Kargus Lakes Camp Site, located at # 289 Kargus Rd. near the town of Quadeville, Ontario.

The camper fees include all food provisions, camp instruction, out-trips, and transportation to/from the Kargus Camp site (from GTA).

Camper’s Name(s):

First Name - Last Name

_________________________________ age___ male/female
_________________________________ age___ male/female
_________________________________ age___ male/female
_________________________________ age___ male/female
_________________________________ age___ male/female

Parent’s/Guardian’s Info: Names________________________________________________
Telephone #’s_______________________ E-Mail____________________________________
Cell #’s______________________ Emergency Contact #’s_____________________________
Street and Number Town/City Province Postal Code
Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________

Signature(s), Consent to allow your kids to attend camps x____________________________


***CAMP FEES: $695. Per Camper (3 or more, group rate = $595 pp)

25% deposit required; balance 60 days prior to camp; non-refundable. Method of payment: please attach cheque or money order.

Notes: medical/waiver forms and camp itinerary + shuttle location/times will be sent out once registration forms are submitted to WSC.


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